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I was born and raised in New Jersey, and lived all my life here. I’ve traveled a bit but besides a quick trip in to Canada, I never left the U.S. I visited the jersey shore often and never saw any one like on that show (going by others descriptions as I never saw the show either). I grew up a bit of an outsider as I could never seem to conform to others way of being. If you ever heard Weird Al’s white and nerdy I am a bit like that, (but I never had my name in my underwear) and I even have my kids going to the Renascence fair.

I’m the one with the beard lol.

I have always had odd thoughts and ideas (I still have plains for a silent hamster wheel) and wrote them down, and was an embellisher I would always add things to make what I was saying more fun or involving. So as I’ve said other places I am a storyteller that writes stuff down.

I was and still am an avid reader all through high school you would find me with a book in my hands or jammed in a pocket or book-bag nearby (even then I hated to be disturbed while reading).

Now I grew up with a learning disability called graphomotor skills deficit I never thought of myself as disabled (this is just something to work through for me). Dianne Harman pointed it out and I thought about it and if it was someone else I’d be impressed but looking at me I still don’t see it that way.

I use a pen name to prevent embarrassment to my daughters… I would rather embarrass them myself then have them picked on because of my odd views and writing. My wife tells me it will be a wasted effort but I will keep it for two reasons one I am now know by it and two my real name would get lost.

My free book Princess Gives it away http://smarturl.it/PGIA has up-word of 68,000 downloads with a rating above four stars (pretty good for a hack…lol…not really) and my other too rated well but low on downloads.

She found them http://smarturl.it/SFTDAB is about a man stuck in a meeting and getting a text from his wife about some files she found on his computer. When I decided to try to write books, I had to tell my wife which made me nervous and that translated to this story.

Something Bad http://smarturl.it/SBDAB10 I wrote this with a different prose. Some thought it a stroke of genius and some not. However, I wrote it to be a suspense piece and that it was.

I will add more when I summit more books.

Thanks for reading



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