How to give K+ on klout (new format)


Hello all

it has accrued to me that some people might not know how to give k+ in klout

so I will post these instructions.

First log in to klout and for me it goes directly to the dashboard.


At the top is a search symbol, click on that. what I have done is I get the persons tweet name

klout2(example @DuncanWhitehead ) and when you put that in the search box a drop down list will come with a picture click on that and it will bring you to his klout page.


under the name area boxes with labeled topics

there will be a list of topics that that person is know for

click button to give k+ for that topic after you click it

will open a box to allow you to tweet or facebook post

that you gave this person k+ and what topic

and one good thing is tweets by other people that this person interacted with are listed below

klout4and those little pictures will bring you to others Klout page so you can give them k+ too




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