Crowd Funding (Does it work)


Hello all I have two books just about ready to go but my funds for editing and covers that I had just saved went to car repairs.


So I thought to try crowd funding and keep you updated on how well it works for this.

one books blurb on its back cover


and the other i am not set but here are two i was playing with


What if rather then an abstract concept

Karma was carried out by


carefully selected




put into action

without knowing why

but with incites and abilities

that went well beyond normal


what about the people they influenced

what are their stories

come join this

Agent of Karma

and the stories of the people

that were affected

in this

Karma Compilation


What if was Karma more than an abstract ideal.

What if Karma was carried out

unknowingly by Agents of the universe,

men who are carefully selected

and set in action.

These Agents garner special abilities

far beyond the average person.

Join this Agent of Karma

in stories of his work


the lives he touched and influenced.


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