New Book Karmic Krackers



Have you ever thought about Karma? Good things for good people, bad things for bad people.

I know you have, everyone does.

Have you ever said, I’ve done what I can, it’s up to Karma now? But wishing you could do more.

I did it a lot before, but now,

Well for me they are more than simple questions For me it is now a way of life As I have now become an ‘Agent of Karma’  

Join me as I tell my story and the stories of the lives I affected.

KARMIC KRACKERS Five short stories woven together by Karma.

Case one: a story about strange powers, weird happenings, hard choices, Evil beings, and special insights

Case two: a story about love, hidden secrets, lust, high tech, shyster lawyers, family, great brothers, wonderful dads, and cheating spouses.

Case three: a story about friendship, betrayal, not so wonderful fathers, revenge, and a dog.

Case four: a story about unique relationships, blackmail, and someone with a knack for rescuing damsels in distress.

Case five: a story about laughter, happiness, romance, and overcoming long odds for love.

This is all told with my humor, particular twist endings, and even a happy ending or two.

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