Weird laws still out there


Weird laws still out there
in my book Karmic Krackers
I have a story called
The Bad app
I used an old law still on the books
(at the time I wrote the story)
about adultery being illegal in N.J.
And how the shyster used the law to embarrass and detain
the guilty party
now as I put in the book they knew that the crime would be dropped by the D.A.
But the police would be able to hold them until then
now strangely there are still some very odd laws still on the books in many states


If you ever find yourself driving at night through rural parts of Pennsylvania, state law requires that you stop every mile to send up a rocket signal. It’s true.
And if you see a skittish team of horses coming toward you,
be sure to take your car apart, piece by piece,
and hide it under the nearest bushes—
unless, of course, you want to be in violation of state law.

Women in Florida, for example, can be fined for falling asleep under a dryer in a hair salon.
And if you’re a single thrill-seeker, head some place else.
The sunshine state also prohibits unmarried women from parachuting on Sundays.

If you wold like to read more

I hope you enjoy my fun trip about our nations laws

or you can Google it

and as always
thanks for reading


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