Eighteen years of marriage


life this is my life. my wife Tina has somehow put up with me for eighteen years and our two girls.

now i would like to share a poem i wrote for my wife last year

love trust and faith
love is out of our hands if it is a gift from the gods
or a chemical reaction
it can twist the mind and sear the soul
it rages as it will out of control
yet some how love will find love
and the wild ride of love centers on the one that loves you
out of that trust is formed
trust is the iron core to build a life together from
there is no broken trust as once it is broken there is no trust
trust will build itself up and grow
when it gets to that point you have faith
in the one that you trust
faith between two is the greatest feeling
and ultimate trust
now as i hand you my heart
I have trust and faith
that you will hold my heart
in gentle hands

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