The Magic in a pen name


20130214_184707(my girls)

It started with a few stories written that I wanted to see what people                                         said about them

The Predator free on my site here

I had first posted it with the pen name Dab10

now few know the story of that pen name

my real name is

David A. Brown

the DAB

and when I was a child my grandmother was in to all sort of esp and divination things

in one of those books was a numerology book that broke everything down from 1-10 (as i look now I only see 1-9 online) but my birthday broke down to 10 so there is a pen name.

I made a friend who helped me edit these stories BarneyR (his pen name)

so I got some good reviews and some encouragement and did three more short stories ready to go

the first

Princess Gives It Away I put out free on smashwords. then on amazon

this is the one that is still on the charts on amazon


this one topped over 100,000 downloads and is still going

then I was going to put out two more and it was suggested that I keep using the pen name because it was known.

so then the pen name was more recognizable then my real name plus it gets less confusing if searched you’ll find Dab10 Author on the first page but David A. Brown, you wouldn’t find me in the first 10

the thing that made me self publish was a horrible experience we had a house fire. no one was hurt but the house was ruined and we lost lots of stuff.


for those with more then idle curiosity  here is a link

now you all know my secrets… or not lol


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