happy new year or old year looking back


In the past I have done a roundup of the things that made the year a good one

head shot

I have helped friends and loved ones and striven to make a positive impact in peoples lives

I made people think and work for their own answers even with my advice

my daughters continue to grow and make me proud


somehow my wife still puts up with me after 18 years of course that’s more her accomplishment then mine

last year I ended with one book in the top one hundred in its category this year I have two

even with a bit of sickness this year I have kept going

I have helped kids other then my own and people who I now count as friends

I have just receved my final proof of ED’S JOURNAL and hope to release it soon (somehow this keeps getting pushed back)

ed cover

and have a great hope for next year

a bonus for reading this

here is a bit that didn’t make it to the first Karmic book


Karma final word

(or is it)

This case, and yes writing these other peoples stories and my involvement is a case I am doing for karma. Will have a wider reach then even I can see. But there are a few that I saw while writing.

One young girl who was raised very religious. Was thinking of going wild when she first went to collage. Instead started a support group for other young women who were still virgins when first getting to collage. After reading the story ‘Yes I Said No’.

One distinguished older lady author in California is reading this line right now with a smile as she thinks on the help she gave to a author she never met In person.

There are more but you get the idea. This one act of karma will touch thousands. As for me during this time I was having odd dreams of a pair of multicolored eyes watching me and I felt like I was being evaluated.

thank you all and have a happy new year


A few friends did up a wishes for the new year blog bash check them out



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