New years eve is a time of reflection and hope.

my reflection of the past year is it was rough but i survived.

my health  is still not its best but i am working on it.

but the positive side i have finished the first draft of Karmic Krackers 2

and even started the first edits.

if you don’t know yet I work all wrong … or so I have been told

I have four or five stories going at once and jump around a lot as I get ideas

now I know that most think that is crazy but it works for me

in the new year I hope to get two books (or more) in print

this is still a part time gig for me.


may each day greet you with new promise

may each night bring you piece


may you get more love than you need

Thank you for reading


P.S. write a review it is like tipping an author



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