How to Write More


90 Authors Share Their Best Writing Habits and Productivity Tips


I read his blog and recently he asked for tips I gave one and am given contribution listing

I can even tell you the tip I sent

When I am out and have an idea I will use my phone and email the idea to myself so I wouldn’t  forget it.

I am putting his opening remarks here and the link to read for yourself.

Let’s be honest … We all know that if we just put our delicate behinds in the chair and write – we will achieve our writing goals. It doesn’t matter if we’re working on the book we’ve always dreamt of publishing, a blog post or a doctoral thesis.

And yet, so many of us struggle to be more productive, overcome writers’ blocks or just simply finish this darn chapter already…

So… I’ve decided to find out how the big boys and girls do it.

I’ve interviewed 90 published authors and asked them about the habits they foster and the tools they use in order to produce at such a high level.

And this (rather large) guide is the result.

It contains over 60 techniques, tips and tools you can incorporate into your writing routine.

And they can dramatically increase your writing productivity.

But my advice is – go slow. Incorporate one or two tips a time, see if they work for you, and only then move on and incorporate a couple of new tips.

click here for whole piece


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