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Now this is a friend of mine for several years. I’ve read and enjoyed all of his work I can find.

Me Dab10 in bold

K.G. Smith aka Ken



So Ken, Tell me a bit about yourself.

Well I was born, more years ago than I care to remember, In Ashford Common in England. It’s about six miles from Heathrow Airport.  Of course the Airport was a small airfield in those days. I’ve been married to the current Mrs Smith for forty six years and we have three sons. We’ve lived all over England from Ramsgate, on the English Channel up to Newcastle in the North. Now I live back in the South, where I’m close to my grandchildren. Since I retired I spend my time working for the local Credit Union and another charity that provides transport for people who can’t drive or don’t have a car.

You got into writing a bit late in life. Tell me about that.

Well, I’ve always had an active imagination but never committed any of it to the page. When I went to school everything was hand written and my handwriting was very untidy. I was castigated for it constantly. It left a mark on me and put me off writing. I wrote a story about it, “Kevin Smiled” on the portfolio page on my website. In the eighties I got into computers and learned to use a keyboard. I started writing reviews and articles for a computer magazine. I stopped writing when the magazine folded. There was always something else that needed to be done. When I retired, I found sites like Stories online.net. When I read the stories there I thought “I could do that”

What is your favourite genre?

To read it is crime novels and general fiction. When it comes to writing I concentrate on writing about relationships. Conflict in a relationship is a rich source of drama for a writer. I think a lot of my stories are about romance in one way or another.  My book, Worth Fighting For, is mainly about the relationship between an injured Army Captain and an ex nurse who is hiding from some very nasty people.  The backdrop is the struggle to discover who is pursuing them and why, but the main story is about the developing relationship.

A lot of your stories are free to read what motivates you to do that?

I have no problem answering that, it’s because people enjoy them. When you get comments like this from Javon Morris:

I read all of your stories yesterday.  I kept clicking on them.  I couldn’t stop.  You have a remarkable talent for giving words life that is rare on this site.  Anybody can write a story, albeit not a good one.  But to be able to make those words a living, breathing entity is a talent admirable.  I must admit, I am very jealous. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your work.  You don’t go for the conventional

I suffer a lot from self-doubt but then I read a review like this one from Tres Seaver.

“An enjoyable romance / thriller, with nice atmospherics, especially for the bits set in the Highlands. The dance of discovery between the principals was nicely choreographed.”

That last one was for “Worth Fighting For

wff kg smith

I will add my review for Worth Fighting For 


Where can we find your work Ken?

There are about twenty stories on Storiesonline.net under the name of Deyaken. I have some short and flash stories in the portfolio on my website. Etherbooks.com hosts some of my shorter stories.  I have recently moved onto Smashwords:


And Amazon


OK Ken, What can we expect from you in the future? Is there anything on the horizon?

Yes there is. I am just formatting a new book for Smashwords and Amazon. It’s called Waterloo Sunset and it tells the tale of an ambitious woman who is leading a double life. I London she has a younger lover and in Seattle she has a husband and daughter. Her two partners are unaware of the other’s existence.

Well, Good luck with the new book and thanks for coming in to talk to us.

Thank you for inviting me and I thank your readers for taking the time to read this if anyone is interested there is more on my website.


Website :  http://smithkeng.wix.com/ken-smith

Three Years As A Self Published Author


May 3 2013

I put 3 short stories up on smashwords getting all three through their meat grinder

one for free and two at ninety nine cents.
I haven’t made it big I wouldn’t even call it medium.
But I made some friends and have some success.
The free one


Has over one hundred and fifty thousand downloads and a rating of 4+ stars over all and is fast on its way to its third year in amazons top 100 in its category.

My psychological short story write in a unique prose.


Had been book of the month and has some great fans.
And last of those first releases


Has some favorable reviews from the boyfriend bookmark and others.
My two release since




Both maintain a spot in the top 100 of their categories.
And my soon to be released
Second in the Karmic series
Karmic Kases
Here is a bad picture of the cover


Has had some favorable reviews from my bata readers.

It hasn’t been easy,  but I would have to say it has been fun.

I thank you all for reading.

BTW that picture of me is more then three years old.