BOOK REVIEW Desperately Seeking Sixty-Nine BY J.D. Frettier

on August 27, 2016
Desperately Seeking 69 by J.D. Prettier
What a great and light hearted look at sex, love, Woodstock, and the afterlife.
If you have ever laughed at your family, sex, or the trouble you’ve gotten in to
with your best friend this is the book for you.
Dab10 author
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About JD Frettier
JD Frettier is the nom de plume of USA Today Bestselling Author Jennifer Theriot. Being a child of the 1960s and Woodstock era, she was elated when a quirky couple spoke to her, requesting their love story be told. It was an offer she couldn’t refuse and so decided to venture into the world of paranormal via “channeling” with her debut novella, Desperately Seeking Sixty-Nine. JD’s laptop and mind are now open to new characters, and she’s already interviewed a new character for a future project.
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as always thanks for reading

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