Sock it to em


Socks for charity

The Sock-it-to-Em Sock Campaign was launched in 2011 by Sue Lee, CEO of EQ Media and creator of “I Believe in Me!” When the entrepreneur recognized how many Americans face the harsh winter cold and dampness with inadequate protection for their feet, she asked her friend Phillis Shimamoto to join her in 2012 to form Sock-it-to-Em and began soliciting fellow small business owners, churches, businesses and the local media to pitch in.

The Sock-it-to-‘em Sock Campaign aims to cover the feet of as many of those in need as possible before each new year.  Their motto is, “We’re taking socks to the streets!”  Anyone in any location can participate by donating socks, becoming a Sock Ambassador or just sharing information about The Sock It To Em Sock Campaign on social media or through email.

By the end of December 2012 the campaign gathered over 10,000 pairs of socks for the homeless in the Greater Denver Metro area and hundreds in small pockets across the USA. In 2015, we collected almost 40,000, and already in 2016, we have far surpassed that amount going over the 55,000 mark. 

Please click on our Participate page to learn how to become a Sock Ambassador and visit our Donate page to find a location to donate new pairs of socks and become a part of this growing national movement to take socks to the streets and warm the feet the homeless, one pair at a time.

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