Now somehow I made a mistake somewhere but the ebook is up for pre-order

kk cove ver 12


but the paperback is live



so if you want to you could get a hard copy before the ebook release?

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The last few days were a bit rough for me but let me start at the beginning.

last week we saw an increase in flies in our house we have pet birds so can’t just use sprays to get rid of them.

i found online a non chemical trap for flies using a soda bottle and rotten potatoes.


now for me the problem started Wednesday I came home from work and my asthma went bad and the inhaler didn’t help so i went to the emergency room they treated me and sent me home.

I went to my mother in laws for dinner and then went home and the asthma kicked up again. so back to emergency room treated and released.

I went home and started to get ready for bed and it got ten times worse so i even needed the ambulance to come and get me.

wpid-20151001_215215.jpgme on bipap yipes!

they kept me two days in the hospital while at home my wife figured out that the mold on the fly trap potatoes was what probably caused my problem and through them out. and cleaned out the house a bit.

i got home Friday night and i went in and was ok

so i still feel a bit drawn and tired but much better

I do not recommend


by potato mould.

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Happy day Friday the 13th


I have never had the bad luck that is attributed to Friday the 13th

so because I would try things others wouldn’t on this day

I seamed to have better luck on it.

lets look at what is bad luck

Black Cats


first these cats will always look clean and with just a good supply of food will look well cared for so if an old lady had one she thought it looked good but others took as a sign she was a witch and a witch uses familiars to watch people so, well you get the point.

walking under a latter not unlucky just stupid

stepping on a crack in the sidewalk you trip and get hurt and your mom has to take care of you ie break her back

i could go on but you see my point

so if you see a black cat cross your path pet it


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