so I was doing book promos for fellow authors and a few needed to do last minute changes to the url or just add them last minute so i put this together to show how to do it without worrying if they can get to it before it posts


This is a way to get a url to use when you haven’t released your book yet but want to have your blog promo out and ready to go.

One go to smart url and create an account it takes an email and password then a reply to there email.


Then go and log in.


then you click on create url


you will come to this page


Click country. (mostly I don’t know what the others do)

Then go to your default. (I used my amazon author page)


Copy the url from  the page you chose

and put it in default box.


Then scroll down.


I tend to make it something to do with the book(if it goes through this will be your url)

then click save.smart8

Now you have an url to put in to your pages you send for blog and wouldn’t need to have someone add it later.

When you get the book url. (presale or it goes live)

Go back to and log in.


Click on the link for the book url you made before.

smart 10

Copy your book link. (I use us because that’s where I am at)

Paste it both places.

smart 12.5

Click the background.

smart 11

I know this works for amazon now what ever country their in it will go to that amazon.

Then click save and your done.

smart 13

Now the url in the blog will take them to the right amazon page for them.

it also keeps track of where and how many clicks the url receives.

this is meant to help if you find it confusing or errors please let me know

as always thanks for reading







If you are like me you use twitter to advertise (for me it is my books) I use an automated retweeter to help so often my tweets get berried in my feed.

today I learned you can pin a tweet in twitter so someone who would like to give a retweet back can find it easy so I figured I would share this info with everyone.

(windows I don’t do mac)

first find the tweet you want and right click the time mark and open in new tab(or window)

pin one

then click the three dots to the bottom right of the tweet

pin two

then click pin post

pin three

you will end with your tweet at the top of your profile page

pin four

change the pined tweet often so that people who want to retweet your tweets have a fresh tweet to use

no humor in this but good info any way

thanks for reading