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The Woe of a Creative Mind


Today I heard “Shatter Me” by Lindsey Stirling

see it here

(btw I can’t use the lyrics here without permission or I would violate copyright laws)

on the radio and how she felt this was from the point of view of a music box dancer

shater1.5and what came to mind is as follows

Oh how I watch you time after time

dancing to your masters tune

stuck to the pedestal they put you on

stuck in the glass cage I see you in

what I wouldn’t do to set you free

to stop the gears they grind you with

to shatter the cage they bound you in

to remove you from their pedestal

to set you free of their view of you

to help you fly like I know you can do

all I’d ask to help you flee

is once maybe

you’d dance with me

i hope you enjoyed as poetry is not my first choice



now that is out maybe I can write something