Request for a little help


I don’t normally ask things for myself

but my book Karmic Kases is up on cover wars


I ask every one that can vote and you can vote once every 24 hours

here is the link

thank you all and thanks for reading






Every thing done and just waiting for the date

pre-orders should be up in 12 hours or so

kk cove ver 12

my amazon author page

as always thanks for reading


Three Years As A Self Published Author


May 3 2013

I put 3 short stories up on smashwords getting all three through their meat grinder

one for free and two at ninety nine cents.
I haven’t made it big I wouldn’t even call it medium.
But I made some friends and have some success.
The free one


Has over one hundred and fifty thousand downloads and a rating of 4+ stars over all and is fast on its way to its third year in amazons top 100 in its category.

My psychological short story write in a unique prose.


Had been book of the month and has some great fans.
And last of those first releases


Has some favorable reviews from the boyfriend bookmark and others.
My two release since




Both maintain a spot in the top 100 of their categories.
And my soon to be released
Second in the Karmic series
Karmic Kases
Here is a bad picture of the cover


Has had some favorable reviews from my bata readers.

It hasn’t been easy,  but I would have to say it has been fun.

I thank you all for reading.

BTW that picture of me is more then three years old.



New years eve is a time of reflection and hope.

my reflection of the past year is it was rough but i survived.

my health  is still not its best but i am working on it.

but the positive side i have finished the first draft of Karmic Krackers 2

and even started the first edits.

if you don’t know yet I work all wrong … or so I have been told

I have four or five stories going at once and jump around a lot as I get ideas

now I know that most think that is crazy but it works for me

in the new year I hope to get two books (or more) in print

this is still a part time gig for me.


may each day greet you with new promise

may each night bring you piece


may you get more love than you need

Thank you for reading


P.S. write a review it is like tipping an author


update from Dab10


Hello my friends I know I let this go for to long so I figure an update is in order.

My health was a big problem, but I am now getting it under control (I will probably need sinus surgery)

I will be getting a new book out in the next few weeks called Ed’s Journal.

ed cover

I did a performance review on Dianne Harman’s Blog

and have started on the next in the Karmic series

the first one is on amazon

Karmic Goodreads




hopefully I will be getting more writing done soon



head shot

New Book Karmic Krackers



Have you ever thought about Karma? Good things for good people, bad things for bad people.

I know you have, everyone does.

Have you ever said, I’ve done what I can, it’s up to Karma now? But wishing you could do more.

I did it a lot before, but now,

Well for me they are more than simple questions For me it is now a way of life As I have now become an ‘Agent of Karma’  

Join me as I tell my story and the stories of the lives I affected.

KARMIC KRACKERS Five short stories woven together by Karma.

Case one: a story about strange powers, weird happenings, hard choices, Evil beings, and special insights

Case two: a story about love, hidden secrets, lust, high tech, shyster lawyers, family, great brothers, wonderful dads, and cheating spouses.

Case three: a story about friendship, betrayal, not so wonderful fathers, revenge, and a dog.

Case four: a story about unique relationships, blackmail, and someone with a knack for rescuing damsels in distress.

Case five: a story about laughter, happiness, romance, and overcoming long odds for love.

This is all told with my humor, particular twist endings, and even a happy ending or two.

2 great reviews so far