Inspiration by violin again


Twice before I wrote about being inspired by Lindsey Stirling


So today i was trying to write a poem for my wife and thought it worked before

so I went to Lindsey Stirling’s you tube and found

and wrote the following for my wife Tina

Hold on to my heart

From miraculous to mundane

beyond endurance to free of pain

the everyday to the quite insane

I can handle anything

if you

hold on to my heart

I can turn the tides or blow a bubble or two

take the weight of the world or tie a shoe

wait for eternity or just a few

there is nothing I can’t do

if you

hold on to my heart

I could move the world or just the car

learn the tango or look at a star

be the life of the party or tend the bar

sit still for hours or run very far

I will do it all

if you

hold on to my heart


I hope you all enjoyed it and mostly hope Tina enjoyed it 😉

as always thank you for reading





So once again I was listening to Lindsey Stirling


A surprise


If you have read my previous post concerning her music

I do enjoy her violin music

today it was

Take Flight

now as i have said before I don’t work like most authors

I have 4 or five projects going at once

I was working on Karmic Krackers 2 (the exact title still in the air)

so as I listen words are jumping in my head

so I stop writing and listen closer

then I write out what came to mind


One thought

one idea

the next page

is going to take you there

take you high

take you

on and on

get higher

and higher

thinking faster

moving faster

soon your mind can fly in the clouds

with your heart soaring though the night

thoughts blurring the page

mind lost to this world

as another is built

I am not much of a poet but these words speak to me

as always thanks for reading