Inspiration by violin again


Twice before I wrote about being inspired by Lindsey Stirling


So today i was trying to write a poem for my wife and thought it worked before

so I went to Lindsey Stirling’s you tube and found

and wrote the following for my wife Tina

Hold on to my heart

From miraculous to mundane

beyond endurance to free of pain

the everyday to the quite insane

I can handle anything

if you

hold on to my heart

I can turn the tides or blow a bubble or two

take the weight of the world or tie a shoe

wait for eternity or just a few

there is nothing I can’t do

if you

hold on to my heart

I could move the world or just the car

learn the tango or look at a star

be the life of the party or tend the bar

sit still for hours or run very far

I will do it all

if you

hold on to my heart


I hope you all enjoyed it and mostly hope Tina enjoyed it 😉

as always thank you for reading





So today I was listen to the radio… I know so old fashioned
So I hear Ex’s and oh’s by  Elle King
As I first hear it I was thinking


Xxx’s and ooo’s like hugs and kisses when I was younger
Then I listened harder and figured she was talking about Ex’s but the o’s confused me so I looked up the lyrics and saw it was oh’s
Then I figured the girl in the song cheated and left the Ex’s.
And it seams she categorized he Ex’s by the organisms ( oh oh oh )
So a bit of a sick song even if it is catchy.
And that’s the way I see it.
Thanks for reading