happy new year or old year looking back


In the past I have done a roundup of the things that made the year a good one

head shot

I have helped friends and loved ones and striven to make a positive impact in peoples lives

I made people think and work for their own answers even with my advice

my daughters continue to grow and make me proud


somehow my wife still puts up with me after 18 years of course that’s more her accomplishment then mine

last year I ended with one book in the top one hundred in its category this year I have two

even with a bit of sickness this year I have kept going

I have helped kids other then my own and people who I now count as friends

I have just receved my final proof of ED’S JOURNAL and hope to release it soon (somehow this keeps getting pushed back)

ed cover

and have a great hope for next year

a bonus for reading this

here is a bit that didn’t make it to the first Karmic book


Karma final word

(or is it)

This case, and yes writing these other peoples stories and my involvement is a case I am doing for karma. Will have a wider reach then even I can see. But there are a few that I saw while writing.

One young girl who was raised very religious. Was thinking of going wild when she first went to collage. Instead started a support group for other young women who were still virgins when first getting to collage. After reading the story ‘Yes I Said No’.

One distinguished older lady author in California is reading this line right now with a smile as she thinks on the help she gave to a author she never met In person.

There are more but you get the idea. This one act of karma will touch thousands. As for me during this time I was having odd dreams of a pair of multicolored eyes watching me and I felt like I was being evaluated.

thank you all and have a happy new year


A few friends did up a wishes for the new year blog bash check them out




I celebrate Christmas so I say Merry Christmas.


I don’t say it to make you uncomfortable

i say it to include you in a happy time for me

if you don’t celebrate just say thank you

it doesn’t hurt you to be polite

when someone say’s happy Hanuka to me i don’t need to make a big fuss and scream i don’t celebrate that or i’m not Jewish

the same goes for Kwanzaa, the winter solstice, ramadan or even festivus

it wouldn’t hurt you even if your an atheist to be polite even if you just reply Happy new year

now i will wish you all a

Merry Christmas

and say thank you for your well wishing


The Magic in a pen name


20130214_184707(my girls)

It started with a few stories written that I wanted to see what people                                         said about them

The Predator free on my site here https://sites.google.com/site/autherdab10/books/stories

I had first posted it with the pen name Dab10

now few know the story of that pen name

my real name is

David A. Brown

the DAB

and when I was a child my grandmother was in to all sort of esp and divination things

in one of those books was a numerology book that broke everything down from 1-10 (as i look now I only see 1-9 online) but my birthday broke down to 10 so there is a pen name.

I made a friend who helped me edit these stories BarneyR (his pen name)

so I got some good reviews and some encouragement and did three more short stories ready to go

the first

Princess Gives It Away I put out free on smashwords. then on amazon

this is the one that is still on the charts on amazon



this one topped over 100,000 downloads and is still going

then I was going to put out two more and it was suggested that I keep using the pen name because it was known.

so then the pen name was more recognizable then my real name plus it gets less confusing if searched you’ll find Dab10 Author on the first page but David A. Brown, you wouldn’t find me in the first 10

the thing that made me self publish was a horrible experience we had a house fire. no one was hurt but the house was ruined and we lost lots of stuff.


for those with more then idle curiosity  here is a link


now you all know my secrets… or not lol

The Woe of a Creative Mind


Today I heard “Shatter Me” by Lindsey Stirling

see it here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=49tpIMDy9BE

(btw I can’t use the lyrics here without permission or I would violate copyright laws)

on the radio and how she felt this was from the point of view of a music box dancer

shater1.5and what came to mind is as follows

Oh how I watch you time after time

dancing to your masters tune

stuck to the pedestal they put you on

stuck in the glass cage I see you in

what I wouldn’t do to set you free

to stop the gears they grind you with

to shatter the cage they bound you in

to remove you from their pedestal

to set you free of their view of you

to help you fly like I know you can do

all I’d ask to help you flee

is once maybe

you’d dance with me

i hope you enjoyed as poetry is not my first choice



now that is out maybe I can write something



Normally i would have done more at Halloween but it got away from me this year so i figured better late then never.OUR housethis story is free on my site but it works for Halloween

a bit of a horror piece

If you like this style of writing my ebook Something Bad is done in the same way

The Predator

by Dab10

If it gets to much for you read the last line then finish

Copyright© 2012 by Dab10

Edited by Barney R

His and Her View

His View

There she is so beautiful I know what she wants deep down in my soul.

Oh my god those legs

I know instinctively. I feel this is the only girl for me.

I got to think, but I can’t get past my instinct.

I can see how this will go down.

I will sneak up on her.

I will grab her

I will have her

She will birth my children

I know I wouldn’t be around to see it

I can wait no longer.

Starting out I move so quiet and slow,

I know any sound even a vibration and the game is up

One step at a time

Closer and closer

Still she is not aware of me

I am so close her smell is hitting me like a brick

The excitement growing in me

I let the instincts take over

Past all thought now I dart in

As I get to her she starts to move

I start rubbing her abdomen

Caressing time and time again

She freezes not moving a muscle

Like I knew she would

I try to get her in my embrace

She starts moving oops I stopped rubbing

Starting again she is frozen once more

I arrange myself behind her

And get us both ready for me to mount her

Still rubbing she is so soft

Feeling her as I touch her again and again

Bigger than I thought

But so beautiful

I know I am going to impregnate her

She will have my children

Oh so slowly I enter her wow what a feeling

She moved

I stopped rubbing

I start again an she is like a statue once again

I am pounding away

Thrust and rub

Thrust and rub

She likes it I can feel her quiver

I shoot my seed inside her

I just think how she will swell when the seed takes hold

Oh wow that was so awesome I can’t think

She is starting to move

Damn I stopped rubbing again

So I rub some more and she stops moving again

Caress and rub

It is time for me to get away

Caress and rub

So I stretch as far as I can still rubbing

Then I turn and run

My legs are a bit weak but I get a good head start

In to the bush

Ah I am safe



Pain in my neck

Dam I thought I was safe


Her View

I was waiting for dinner time

I was on the web

Waiting for someone to come on

To make dinner plans

Alone in the park

I am not scared

I am a big girl

Large for a female

I am here a lot

Never more than some cat calls

Or maybe the bird

Something comes up behind me

As I start to turn

It starts stroking my belly

I stop

I am frozen

I can’t move at all

Fear, rage, and I can’t make myself move

I am more angry than scared

But nothing I try let’s me move

I feel him move behind me

Please let me go

Wrapping his arms around me

Oh he stops rubbing

I can move

Just a little

Damn he started again and I am lost

My body is betraying me and is preparing to mate

My hair stands on its end

Oh god it is my fertile time

He is going to make me a mother

I feel him enter me

Oh how I hate my body for reacting like this

He stops rubbing maybe I can … damn he started again

Why is this stopping me from moving?

How can his rubbing do this to me?

I feel him start pounding at me oh my body is quivering

I can feel him fill me up with his sperm

And know I will be a mommy soon

He stopped rubbing if I can grab him

Fuck he started again

If I can, I will kill him

He slowly moves away still stroking me

He turns and runs

I can move

Now I will kill him

I chase after him

We are both moving a bit slow

Both stumbling a bit

But I am catching up to him

He goes in to a bush and I jump on him and grab his neck

I rip his head off

Knowing I am going to need more food for my babies, I eat him

Crawl back to the middle of my web and see

If anyone else is going to join me

For dinner

Life is lonely for a black widow.

Zombie Apocalypse According to Dick and Jane



Repost from Goodreads blog
Published on November 05, 2013

I was reading Kriss Morton face book post last week where she said she read a zombie apocalypse book that read like Dick and Jane,
telling my wife about it in the car tonight with my 8 and 14 year old girls in the back seat
so I made up on the spot 
“zombie apocalypse according to dick and Jane”
“see Dick. see Dick run. see Dick run from zombie.”
“see zombie. see zombie run. see zombie chase Dick. See zombie catch Dick. see zombie eat Dick’s Brain. see Dick turned in to zombie.”
“see Jane see Jane run. see Jane run from zombie Dick”
at this point my 14 year old busted her gut laughing. 
should I be more disturbed that my child has my sick humor
or that she got it faster then her mother
or that she got it at all.

The strangest thing about being an author.


The strangest thing about being an author.

I have spent thousands of hours reading other peoples work.

funny-writing-meme-twilight-writer-jokeBut until I started putting full stories together and down on paper(or computer)

I never knew that with each book an author is taking their mind child and saying 

look at this piece of me.

How many people would sit back and let someone insult their child.

That’s why a bad review hurts.

But that’s what we are told is the best response.

And I have had a few bad ones

no not you” you say.

OK that’s what I imagine you would say.

At one time I received a review that made disparaging remarks about my ancestral gene pool.

And rather then answer back I put a line on my good reads page from one of my favorite movies.

ftI don’t want to talk to you no more, you empty headed animal food trough wiper.

I fart in your general direction.Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries.”

a great line from a funny movie.

now I am not saying that you can’t have an opinion but don’t attack a poor author

who just put his work out for your amusement.

Now because I finally have this blog up and running I will be bringing some of my earlier posts from my goodread blog

May 13, 2013

Dealing with a bad review

how come I can get 5 good reviews but one bad one and I second guessing everything … I know stupid there will be people who wouldn’t like my stories but really. i going to read some of the good reviews and then keep doing the same thing as before.

i feel like i am doing a Stuart Smalley

stuart“I’m good enough. I’m smart enough. And doggone it, people like me.”

Review by: Ramon Rios on May 03, 2013 : star star star star
An excellent plot! I also found it very realistic. I wish some parts were not as fast, but still very well written!

feeling“I’m feeling much better now!”
night court
i know i am odd … but fun

thanks for reading my rant/s lol